Wordpress is an open source blog engine used by millions of website owners. It became so popular because of its outstanding usability, user-targeted interface, simplicity of administration, and extendability.

Wordpress gives his user an ability to choose from thousands of free design templates and various widgets and add-ons. A new design theme may be installed within a minute without any need of dealing with code. On the base of Wordpress, one can develop a great variety of projects, as this CMS is extremely customizable.

Wordpress is also search-engine friendly, it has permalink structure, with customizable titles and tags. There is probably no such open source website engine, which provides so smooth and simple installation process as Wordpress does.

If you don’t want to deal with any installation, domain registration and hosting configuration, you may choose to go with WordPress.com. This website is a free hosting service for Wordpress, where you won’t need to install and configure anything.

If you decide to create a separate website with its own domain, you’ll have to choose from a great amount of hosting services. And some of them even have special Wordpress hosting plans with Wordpress software preinstalled.

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