After 1990, when the Internet Browsers were introduced, as well as www became available to the public. Commercial enterprise on the Internet was forbidden by National Science Foundation until 1995. Although the Internet became popular around 1994 with the admission of Mosaic internet browser, it took about half a decade to adopt security protocols and DSL allowing prolonged Internet connection. By the end of 2000, many US and EU business companies offered their services through the Internet. Since then people started associating a word “e-commerce” with purchasing goods through the Internet.

So, what are main platforms for creating e-commerce websites today?

According to February 2012 e-commerce study, with the use of 33 thousand Alexa Top Million, they are Magento, ZenCart, and VirtueMart. All 33 thousand of e-commerce websites were analyzed in order detect the use of any one of 40 different e-commerce platforms from the list.

The most popular platform turned out to be Magento, with 6.8 thousand sites, thus taking a 20% share of all e-stores analyzed.

The second candidate was Zen Cart, with 4 thousand sites in total, having 12% of the e-commerce cms market.

VirtueMart threads on the heels of competitors with 3.9 sites, with 11.6% of market share.

Although osCommerce has lost sites comparing with the previous study, it managed to surge the number of sites this month, up to 3.2.