Two Intel HTML5 tools for mobile applications development

New HTML5 tools meant for development of mobile applications – Intel HTML5 App Porter Tool and Intel XDK – were announced by Intel Corporation. For example, they can be used for porting Apple iOS accelerometer application to HTML5. In this article you’ll know about these tools.

1. Intel HTML5 App Porter Tool

Let’s take our case with Apple iOS accelerometer application. For this purpose developers need to convert the Objective-C source code to HTML5. Intel HTML5 App Porter Tool excellently suits for performance of the task. It is available for downloading on the Intel web-site at the Tools tab. All you need to do – submit and get the links.

Speaking of other artifacts which can be subjected to conversion, they are:

-      Apple Xcode project files used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012;

-      Apple iOS API types and calls into JavaScript/HTML5 objects;

-      Layouts of views inside Apple Xcode Interface Builder (XIB) files can be converted to HTML + CSS files.

2. Intel XDK

Another tool for HTML5 application development is Intel XDK. It is a cross platform development kit that is elaborated for writing of a single source code for different devices. The good news is that Intel XDK is a free integrated environment used for cross platform applications development.

More than that, this tool doesn’t require installation on user’s computer. It can be used as a Google Chrome extension. Other browsers are less convenient for installation because they need additional downloading of a JavaScript file or even Java updating.

Beyond that, Intel XDK provides support of not only Apache Cordova API interface. An extended application interface (intel.xdk) is offered by the tool too. It contains functions that are not foreseen by Cordova.

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Each businessman understands that time is money and that information rules the world. Right because of this it is necessary for them to have an access to needed data and documents at any time of the day and night. That’s why we have decided to choose and tell you a bit about 10 best Android apps for business.

1. Splashtop 2

This is an excellent add-in for those who need to have an access to the personal computer while staying somewhere far away. All you should do is to download the plugin and create an account.

2. Facebook Pages Manager

It’s an easy and well-known application for Facebook users. Pages Manager let you download photos, videos to your profile, update it, answer the messages and comments and in general to be aware of everything what is happening with your friend and subscribers.

3. SignEasy

SignEasy add-in let users import important documents from various resources, such as email, Google Drive, Box and Drop box. It also allows you sign and fill up papers with your finger. The pay for the subscription is only $19.99, while the first 3 papers you underwrite are free.

4. Advanced Task Killer

This is an extension that will help your device to work much faster by cleaning its memory.

5. Business Calendar

This application is an analogue of a common calendar. It will help you organize the day in the best way by synchronizing with your Google calendars.

6. Box

The app gives you an access to the data while you are on the run trying the Box platform. With the help of Box you can easily share any files (videos, photos) or documents via a link in a email or via Bluetooth.

7. PrinterShare Mobile Print

With this plugin you are able to print any office, Word, Excel documents, PDF files, invoices and bills directly from your device.

8 8. Go Payment

This extension was created by Intuit Merchant Services and is nothing like a credit card processing add-in. It let users accept payments made with the help of a credit card, accept text and email messages and easily update the date connected with their business.

9.  Google Drive

Google Drive will help you create and easily manage and share various types of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forums.

10.  QuickBooks Online

This is just an amazing plugin for small business owners. With a free 30-day trial it let uses manage orders and payments in a very convenient way.

All the extensions described above are aimed at facilitating the life of any businessman. So if you value your time and money, do not hesitate to visit Google Play Store and download them.

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