SSAGlobalUsers and Open Source Software

Our website is dedicated to all open source web platforms that help users to create their own websites online. That includes blog, CMS, and e-commerce engines. Our aim is to give our readers and objective information on various open source software capabilities and features.

What Does Open Source Mean?

Open source software is software that has public license, and possesses the availability of source code, which provides users with possibilities not only to use a piece of software free of charge, but also change and customize source code to meet his/her individual demands and needs.

What Do We Already Have Out There?

Internet environment is relatively young, but everyone understands that this will open a new chapter in terms of personal communication, data flows, business concepts, and much more. That is why so many web projects have been implemented, and success now. And many of these projects were created using the joint formula, when a group of people simply wanted to create a great product, with no concern about money. Such projects include: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OSCommerce and more.

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